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Default Alcohol once a month - every few months

Im not much a drinker, only like once ever month to 4 months but i'll get the occasion where there's a party where i get together with a few people every now and then because everyone has full time jobs, school w/e

i tend to get real ****ed up when i do drink, rarely will i puke but im completely out of it and my head spins for hours till im home in bed till the next morning where i feel horrible.

Now i know alcohol is never a good thing but last night going to a party last night seeing the drinks and such i've never felt so bad. The only thing stopping me from drinking was i drove that night. Ill never being doing that again, it's either i go to drink or i dont go at all. All i ever do is , train, school,girlfriend, eat and sleep, my life gets pretty stale but its a sacrifice. I just want to know if i gotta sacrifice it all completely because my social is nearing to non existant this way. All everyone wants to do is party because it's the only time they have.

Im hard working, do my work in and out of the gym and i really worry over progression in my fitness and skills. If someone could tell me the best way and how many times a year would be best for someone who wont be fighting for a few months.
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