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Default Re: Andre Berto = Jeff Lacy 2.0?

Originally Posted by Earl-hickey View Post
you only saying that because Lacy lost to Calzaghe and you dont want to give Joe Credit.

Before the fight, Americans were all saying Lacy was the new Tyson and the future P4P #1, and chanting USA! USA! USA!

The way they turned their backs on him just to discredit Joe made me disgusted to be a human being

You're making out like Lacy was some sort of beloved sporting figure in the States before Calzaghe embarrassed him. In reality the guy was a b-level fighter who scored some impressive KOs over mediocre competition and got a few months worth a solid hype from the boxing media in the States. I'm not saying that to discredit Calzaghe. I'm saying it because it's the truth.

Lacy was a one dimensional slugger. After he blew out his shoulder, he was barely a regional level fighter. (As evidenced by his fight with Roy Jones where he made Jones look like he was back in his prime.) The fact the press coverage that Lacy got is such a big part of Calzaghe's legacy shows how ****ing ****ty his resume was for a supposed "all time great."

FYI the U.S. boxing media and the networks will hype ANY up and coming fighter who looks like they have devastating KO power because casual fans in the U.S. only tune in when there's a good possibility of a KO.
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