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Default Re: Everything Wrong With Andre Berto.

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
Started out in the wrong stance, completely unprepared to roll and turn away from the southpaw overhand left.

I agree about the stamina issues, the man explodes and then gasps for air and waits to repeat. He had many opportunities to throw on the inside and seemed to only be able to throw in bursts, while Guerrero almost never stopped punching.

He needs to develop a rhythm and learn how to set punches up. His straight right hand was missing, and every time he went for it, it was only after leading with the jab. He has the advantage at range and should take advantage of it with variety, not pawing the **** out of Guerrero's lead hand and then lunging with a right hand he can easily anticipate.

I remember him looking impressive against Quintana despite the bicep injury, he needs to get back to the basics and work on his fundamentals. He has a lot of speed, power, grit, but he needs to understand he can't just bully everyone and expect them to fold when he lands a right uppercut.
A fighter like Berto is built for short burst explosiveness. Mentally and physically he has to put everything into his shots. He's like Jermain Taylor or Pascal or Haye. All those guys, I'd wager, would make good sprinters, but atrocious long distance runners. Guerrero on the other hand is built more for endurance, long and lean and able to mete his energy out over the course of a fight.

Establishing more of a rhythm to his work might improve Berto to a degree, but I think he'll always have the same problems. He also needs to realise that he's just not a good inside fighter and either work like mad on improving that area of his game, or work like mad to avoid getting on the inside in the first place. As it stands, he's too easily pushed back, too easily moved around, and not dirty enough or active enough to get the better of exchanges when he doesn't have full freedom of space to get his power shots off.
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