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Default Re: Mike Tyson vs Tim Witherspoon 1986

Originally Posted by Colonel Sanders View Post
your comment just doesn't make any sense to me, the logic is flawed

when you say ''had Spoon beaten Smith, it would have been a 50/50 affair. Knowing what I know though I'm gonna say mike knocks him out early'', you totally disregard the fact that Spoon dominated Smith once in 1985 and that without the upset loss in the second half of 1986 (let's say Spoon fights Tyson after Bruno), Spoon would have been coming into the Tyson fight with 7 consecutive wins, one of which being over Smith, your own criteria to call Tyson-Spoon a 50/50 affair
I think you're missing my point so I'll try to reword it.

Had spoon not been knocked out by smith I think a unification fight with Tyson would have been seen as 50/50.

however that didn't happen. He did get knocked out by smith and consequently I think Tyson knocks spoon out.
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