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Default Re: Everything Wrong With Andre Berto.

I don't think Berto knew Guerrero was gonna get a pass for all those illegal tactics.
He was far too confident in the ref to keep it clean. He's climbed so high in the game, I think he half expected the ref to be in his pocket, and at the very least, neutral.
In the first rd, when Guerrero landed that sweet L hand, then Berto began to retreat, Guerrero was literally holding Berto's face in place while banging away at it. The KD in the second resulted under eerily similar circumstances, and Berto surely was thinking he was gonna get bailed out by the ref.

He's definitely got a feeling of entitlement in there. IDK if it's GBP fault, his corners, or just something built in, but he's gotta realize, that from the first minute of that fight, he was gonna be allowed to be fouled repeatedly. It's completely up to him and his corner to change their game when something like that is gonna occur.

It was obvious to me, that GBP was grooming this fight to be an eliminator for Roid. I couldnt tell if they're courting Berto for it or Guerrero, but Robbie sure got the best of an absentee ref last night.

Berto has to better prepare for being cash out like that.
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