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Default Re: The Berto/Guerrero referee last night

Originally Posted by renyo View Post
Yea I'm with you. Berto was trying to bear hug anytime he was uncomfortable inside. So many fighters use this illegal tactic. What Guererro did was correct, if one hand is left free you are suppose to try and fight out. Which is what Guererro did.

Kellerman was terribly biased again last night as usual. Made me cringe when he was saying the first knockdown Guererro was holding and hitting. It was clear as day Berto initiated a clinch while hurt and Guererro was able to overpower and work free of the Berto bear hug.

I mean what is this ****?

No, what he was referring to was when the Ghost was holding behind the head and let him like 5 times to knock him down the first time and similarly the second time. Then Berto started to use rough house tactics and he starts to warn Berto . . . the ref was a joke. i do not blame Guerrero for fight rough, is smart to take advantage of what the ref gives you.
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