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Default Re: The Berto/Guerrero referee last night

Originally Posted by renyo View Post
Newbie, you clearly dont understand boxing. Berto clearly has NO inside game and you can't grasp that.
Start watching boxing stop watching boxers and you'll get it. You guys want to invent new rules and excuses as you go.
Ok, so you just proceeded to not even address what I said. I see. It's cause you have no argument. I even said as much, in the technical breakdown thread that SJS started, that Berto had no inside game, and that it was Guerrero's only real shot at winning. But maybe it's you that doesn't understand boxing, because holding and hitting is not legal. You're a ****boy, a worthless poster and just flat out wrong.

Unless you're coming back at me with some actual facts, I can deal without all the internet speech. Who the **** even says "newbie" anymore?
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