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Default Re: The Berto/Guerrero referee last night

Originally Posted by Jack View Post
I'm watching the 9th round of Berto/Guerrero right now, and it made me think about the holding. Referees don't often get mentioned but I thought he did a good job allowing Guerrero to work on the inside when Berto was initiating clinches. Sometimes, referees jump in whenever a clinch is initiated and that allows an unfair advantage to the fighter who doesn't want to, or is incapable of, fighting on the inside. If one fighter is going to hold, the referee shouldn't immediately jump in to break them up.

Holding is cheating and should be punished by point deductions. At the very least though, referees should not openly favour one fighter by allowing them to clinch whenever they want, and then refuse to let their opponent work on the inside.
I agree. i know a lot of people have been critical of him, but he did a pretty decent job. It was an old-school fight, and he took an old-school approach in letting them go at it and fight out of clinches.
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