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Default Re: Is everybody blind!?! Hatton needs Graham.

Originally Posted by Hermit View Post
Hatton was fooling himself. When Paulie won a title Hatton thought it was his path back. When you are gone that long after a brutal KO the fire has gone out. Rickey felt some nostalgia and mistook it for an ember that could be flamed back into passion. It may have worked out better if he had been a little wiser choosing his path back.
It was always about the path of least resistance for Ricky. Which was half his problem. Paulie can't crack an egg and yet he's a world titlist. Thus he was an easy target one who Ricky had already beaten for a belt.
As i mentioned on another thread if Ricky was humble enough he would have chosen his opponents more wisely. But if Ricky had fought down a level he still would have been criticized. The reality is Ricky knows his level. But his fans do not.
Floyd came back vs Marquez and utterly dominated him. Ricky came back against a guy a semi unknown and lost via KO. This speaks volumes as to the levels each man has fought at. One thing is certain Ricky is a fighter who loves to fight. But his level was always the fringes of world class as merely a title holder. His fans of course will always argue otherwise but when you look at the opponents Ricky beat for his belts and the manner of the wins its abundantly clear what his level is/was.
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