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Default Re: Slipping inside the jab....are these 2 counter punches good or not

Originally Posted by greynotsoold View Post
For the first, the inside slip with the straight right to the heart...Keep in mind that the motion to throw a straight right and to slip inside a jab are the same. This, honestly, is the #1 natural counter in boxing.
The second, the inside slip with a left hook to the body...You don't want to start from too far away, as the move has to be real quick, well-timed, and you have to be moving in as his arm is coming out. You simply turn your weight over your left leg as you step in (a small quick step) then turn it back over your right leg as you deliver the punch.
In both cases, and especially in the second, you'll want to remember to bring your right foot with you. Slide it up right away. I would bet, sight unseen, that that is what you are doing that is giving you problems, lagging your right foot.

wow amazing answer espically on the last part, now that i think
about it, yep my right foot is lagging behind

but about the left hook to the body,
like you said it has to be done real quick
and i am a 240 pound heavyweight
with a coach use to be a batamweight

so it honestly be a quickness issue and he might not see that such moves are much easier for small guys to do
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