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Default Re: Earnie Shavers vs. James Toney

Originally Posted by Nightcrawler View Post
thank you for pointing this out: neither lyle nor berbick had concrete chins and were able to take shaver's punches. the idea that one of shavers punches landing knocks out any man in history is silly....especially if the man has a chin like toney. take toney's own style and intelligence in the ring and combine it with shaver's own horrific finishing ability and I don't see a shavers knockout assured even if he lands that right hand CLEAN, right on the chin
Good point. The OP stated
"The hardest heavy hitter of all time vs. the slick, solid chinned Toney..."
Shavers might have been the biggest pure hitter in his era, but wouldn't be that special in this era. He was about 210 in his prime, had some spectacular KO wins, but could also be KOd or lose by decison.

Anyway in this match up, Shavers could very likely win early. If it goes into the late rounds I'd favor JT by U/SD. As a person (their respective characters) I'll take Shavers over JT any time.
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