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Default Robert Guerro = New Victor Ortiz

Let's put a few things into perspective....

- people were saying the same thing about Ortiz "heart" after beating berto 2 years back. The truth is that both RG & VO are front runners. When they are the under dog vs someone as inept (on the inside) as berto is its easy to look like you have "heart". In reality Berto just has no inside fighting skills or true power when on the inside so he never got to put any leverage into those shots

- Robert Guerro's Chin..... is being INSANELY over rated here.... in reality there was a couple of shots that dazed him but bbeing the lying sack of **** he is he wouldn't admit that after the fight. Either way berto couldn't get any real leverage on his shots on the inside and even if he did RG would just lean into berto to mentally make berto think he wasn't doing ****....

- RG DOES NOT DESERVE A FLOYD SHOT .... FLOYD & PACQUIAO need to get the **** out of boxing.... beating berto and selchuk aydin does not grant your the right to fight floyd mayweather. Let RG fight kahn, bradley, alexander.... I'm tired of fighters begging for a pay check off floyd and pacquiao

- RG is one dirty ****. I personally thought last nights match was ugly... he would just clinch berto walk him back into the ropes hold him with one arm and hit him with the other. Not that I'm trying to take away from RG because you get away with what you can in this sport but he's not skilled because of it. Berto is just a clown

RG and VO have a lot in common..... i would love to see them face off in a death match where the winner gets to face kermit cintron
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