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Default Re: Guerrero V Bradley at WW. Who wins?

Originally Posted by SouthpawJab View Post
Guerrero can't control range because he doesn't have the footwork. C level Aydin was forcing him to wear himself out throwing punches to keep him off.

When Guerrero fights inside, he isn't a southpaw anymore. Being left handed is only advantage when they aren't used to the left hand coming from that angle. There is no difference between conventional or southpaw at close quarters.

Guerrero hasn't been in with a guy as versatile as Bradley. Bradley has the better jab, defense, and stamina.
Bradley's a more measured fighter than Aydin- I don't see Tim utilizing the Rocky Balboa-esque gameplan of eating punishment to get to the inside like Aydin did. And the straight left is going to get there if he tries it.

Bradley's going to have to bring more than a jab to the table to discourage Guerrero, and I believe he'll get massively frustrated going against a guy who's willing to give him more than a taste of his own medicine on the inside quarters.

I'm not saying this to dis Bradley, whose abilities I respect. Where Bradley does have a distinct advantage is that he's a more disciplined fighter. Guerrero can be too quick to abandon a gameplan and slug it out, where as Bradley has shown the composure to stick to the script. He also does have a conditioning edge.

The bigger issue is that even if Bradley executes, Guerrero can beat him at his own game. Tim doesn't pack the punch that Aydin and Berto did, and neither could discourage Guerrero. How's he going to outscore a more active, skilled fighter that he can't knock out?
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