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Default Re: Jose Luis Castillo vs Jim Watt

I think Castillo would beat Watt more often than not.

Jim didn't really have much to keep the tough durable aggressors off with, and Castillo is a technically sound, varied and accurate enough puncher to get the better of most exchanges and any infighting.

He would eat a load of jabs, but i expect him to be able to walk through the slow retreating, minimalist jabbing Watt's punching comfort zone.Use his more varied combintion punching to outwork Jim, with the Scot lacking the foot speed or reflexive defensive work to untangle himself often enough from protracted exchanges.

Watt is better suited to frustrating outfighting stylists than he is to matador good busy pressure fighters.He could probably agitate anyone in the division that tries to jab with him, yet give him someone that isn't interested in fencing or patient punchpicking and treats him with little respect and he tended to struggle.His ordinary physical tools became a real hindrance.

Castillo could well get a bit frustrated and run close, though i expect he'll have the style to grind things out.
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