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Default Re: HBO seriously needs to fire Max and JIM!

Originally Posted by jjnight View Post
Man, I dont know what they see when they watch fights but I think they have their minds made up before the fight begins.

Berto vs the Ghost - Max and Jim kept blaming the Ghost for holding but it was Berto all night long. As a matter of fact, berto holds in every fight, and that is why I hate to watch him fight. The throws a real fast combo then holds. I watch the Ghost last seven fights and I almost never see extensive holding through the fight.

Khan vs Peterson - Max kept ignoring the repeated pushing and warning against Khan through the entire fight. I was a video on YouTube that showed Khan push off 66 times. Khan even push him down on his knockdown that he got credit for.

Manny vs Bradley
- I am not saying that it was a bad decision although I did agree with the decision, but the HBO crew is the blame for the huge conspiracy theory. Jim and Max only acknowledged Punchs landed by Manny, Bradley would land on Manny and they would say ****. Manny only fought the final 20 seconds of each round. I not saying that Manny didnt do enough to win, but it was far from a shut out like HBO called.
Add Khan vs Garcia, Khan lands an average shot and Lampley yells "Khan has taken over" all while Garcia is beating the **** out of Khan.
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