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Default Re: Berto's Chin = China

Originally Posted by Zakman View Post
Not all glass jaws are created equal my friend. Some are shakier than others.

Does Berto have an Amir Khan level chin? Certainly not. But he isn't exact George Chuvalo now either, is he??
You understand there's an ocean between Khan and Chuvolo? Yet when it comes to talking ****, you and the chinchecking losers, whom you seem to have taken an afinity to, make no attempts to distinguish between. Hell, you probably think DLH, Tito, JMM, and Joe C all have glass chins. I mean, why not? All have been dropped several times. Posters like you have pretty much rendered the term "Glass Jaw" as meaningless. Makes me wonder if you've forgotten WTF a glass jaw actually is. Cliff Ettienne had a glass jaw. Guys who go down often when hit flush, or when they lose, lose by KO. But with you and your boy group wannabe experts, it's come to ANYONE who's been dropped or loses even ONCE by KO. Stick to economics zak, at least in those topics you make sense. :
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