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Default Re: HBO seriously needs to fire Max and JIM!

Originally Posted by Hatesrats View Post
Some RD. 5 magic...
(@ the 54 sec mark)

Kellerman: "I don't know why Berto would be warned for that?"

Lampley: "What in the world did Berto do wrong?"

Jones: "Hahahahaha"

Kellerman: "The ref is letting them fight with one hand tangled & Berto is throwing right hands Guerrerro is ducking out of the way & getting caught in the back of the head it's not Berto's fault"

Jones: "Hahahahaha"

[Insert Berto CAWK sucking comments]

Jones: "So are you implying that its the ref's fault Max?"

Kellerman: "Ummm... No... I just think if you are going to let them fight that way, Then you let them fight that way"

Jones: ".......OK?" (Jones prob felt like sayin' YDKSAB)
Jones was funny the whole night you could tell what he wanted to tell Max, Jones wasnt having any of the script following
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