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Default Re: Earnie Shavers vs. James Toney

Originally Posted by dyna View Post
Shavers had 90+ fights (that's a lot).

But when you check whether he is a genuine KO'er or a cherry-picker

If you exclude all opponents who have been KO'ed before
and all opponents who had a loss within 1 year of their encounter with Shavers (a typical thing for cherry-pickers)
it turns out that Shavers

KO'ed only 10 guys (median weight 201 lbs)
of which 8 guys were bums (like ·Young Agabab 0-1, 196 lbs, or ·Steve Carter 15-7, 190 lbs)
and only 2 were somewhat good: ·Howard Smith (17-2, 202 lbs) and ·Tony Perea (KO7) (16-1, 206 lbs).

THAT's Shavers' KO record in a nutshell.

For a guy with 90+ wins this is disappointing.

Shavers also did a lot of head holding and uppercutting / headbutting / low blows
See Joe Bugner fight.

Why would you exclude those who have been KO'd before or lost within a year?

If hmm knocks out Pac should we exclude that result as well?
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