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Default Re: HBO seriously needs to fire Max and JIM!

I love how during the Berto fight, HBO's crew went out of their way to pretend that all the great fights we've had on Showtime all year long never happened.

Even at the end of the fight, Kellerman attempted to list all the great fights we've had this year -

"In a year in which we've had fights like Rios-Alvarado, and..."

- then he pauses, suddenly cuts off his thought, and says -

"...well, this fight was as good as we've had all year."

What a bunch of childish faggots.

Even worse is when Showtime shows a fight on the same night, with a delayed broadcast on the west coast, and HBO deliberately spoils the results of the fight on air during their broadcast.

No wonder Showtime doesn't want to get involved in their joint "video sharing" venture. Maybe if HBO's crew started acting like adults first.
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