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Default Marquez vs Broner

Its safe to.say, Broner will clean out 135 in 2013, he will whoop Burns, then Titere Vasquez. Hes been calling out Marquez, who probably cant make 135 any more, but 140 easily. Its safe to say, size would not be a big issue IMO, there about the same size, & it could be argued that Broner has more power @135, then Marquez did. I know Broner is ESBs most hated, and JMM is one of ESBs most loved, but bias asides, who wins and how?? Your simply a blind fool if you dont see Broners talents.

I could see Broners speed giving JMM problems early, but give JMM 2 or 3 rounds to adjust, and he will be ok. He will find holes in the philly shell, and out some leather on Broner. I could see them both slugging it out, and it going to a close decision, going either way in a classic.
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