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Default Re: What if Steward never trained Wlad?

Steward was an excellent trainer but like most trainers, he trained hundreds of fighters that never amounted to much. The point is, it is the fighter that makes the difference. Wlad would be just as good with or without Steward. Example: Charlie Goldman trained Marciano and got all kinds of recognition for it. However, Charlie Goldman also trained hundreds that did not make it. Steward and Goldman's abilities were the same for all those hundreds of fighters. Vlad and Marciano and many other champions got to where they got because of thier ability, not the ability of their trainers. Trainers that a fortunate to come upon a great fighter, gain recognition for it and they wind up having quality fighters coming their way. Steward had Hearns and he wound up with some good fighters because of it. Angelo Dundee had Ali and he wound up training Sugar Ray Leonard etc.
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