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Default Re: alex leapai. the southern hemespheres first heavyweight world champ.

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
we will see.....

a hugger is not someone who knows someone personally and supports them.
True, that's an extreme hugger.

I admire someone who strongly supports a fighter they know personally, but you still need some perspective.

I know Joel Brunker personally, not real well, but I've bumped into him more than a handful of times, we've all seen him fight plenty, and most of us know his current level.
I personally feel he won't beat the best in his weight class, perhaps just beyond the top 10 or thereabouts, but not the top 10. He has some very good attributes, mainly his stamina and chin, but I feel he's a bit robotic and one dimensional for the best guys.

I say this with the utmost respect for him, as I like the bloke.

Perspective Sally.

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