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Default Re: Broner vs Burns PUBLIC POLL

At the end of the day, your not reading all of what I have said rossco, just the first bit and then had a go as usual.

Please read all of what I said mate, at least have that basic respect, your making yourself look foolish, when you said, you said before the fight "Broner vs. De Marco was a toss up".....thats exactly what I said in the post you replied t!....But no, you cherry picked bits and bobs and then had a swipe.

I said, that people were saying to me, "it was no forgone conclusion", when I predicted a Broner easy work....which it was. But people before the fight, thought De Marco was gonna win!

Every time something happens, your trying to move the goalposts, I've never seen a bicycle move backwards so quickly!

Before the fight, for some, (not necessarily you, before you get your knickers in a twist) it was, "Broner is nothing special and De Marco will win, lar di dar" "Broner is not a good fighter" "Burns will school him when they fight" etc etc etc...all the usual.

But I told you, this fight was in at the deep end, De Marco is better than ANYONE Ricky Burns has fought at this weight, Broner didn't deserve the fight, because it was his first at the weight, I've said that a million and one times. Ricky Burns was more deserving of the shot! I agree!

But the fact is, this is Al Haymon, Sam Watson, of course Broner is gonna walk into fights like this. Open your eyes guys!

He got the fight, it was for the WBC, and he made a good fighter like De Marco, look average. De Marco would give Ricky Burns a tough fight!

And now the fanboys are coming out saying, "this doesn't put Broner in the top 10 and he is still ****."

GET OUTTA HERE! I've seen and heard this **** all before with Floyd Mayweather, whether you like it or not folks, one day, you will have to just accept it for what it is. Your always gonna doubt them, until they expose your boy!

I'm sure some of you lot just get worked up because your from Scotland, and this is your boy. You have something to cling onto. And so you should!

Scotland don't have many like this....and it's not like you can rely on your national team is it?
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