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Unhappy Re: Sam Soliman to announce next opponent tomorrow

Originally Posted by Straight Shoota View Post
****wit whats he making? if it aint in the hundred thousands (which it ****ing aint) he is making a minor payday(IN THE BOXING WORLD)..I see all the big stars fighting for 40k yea? eat a turd
Hey ****wit,

Probably nobody here would know exactly what Sam Soliman will earn to fight Felix Sturm

Fox Sports refer to the amount Soliman will receive as 'lucrative'. Which means he's in for a very nice payday, and Soliman's manager David Stanley confirmed it would be "one of the most lucrative purses of Soliman's career".

All that matters is that it's enough for Soliman to be happy to fight Sturm, and plainly it is because he's accepted the fight

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