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Default Re: Isn't it funny how most UFC fans don't like boxing, yet want to see more stand up

Originally Posted by Cleto_Reyes View Post
They want to see more stand up in UFC because wrestling on the ground for a UD is boring. If they want to see more stand up, why don't they turn to boxing?
they are turning to more boxing,

it will happen more and more, so many people are still so confused how well boxing as a REAL combat sport holds up against other combat sports. Boxing was NEVER created to hold up well against other combat sports. Boxing evolved as a sport whereby one if down was off limits but if up was in limits, the BEST way to take somebodys head off if STANDING is to train boxing. Alot of deadly grabblers are only going to get better by training boxing, boxing is also great for the overall fight reflexes as your ONE second away from potentially being TKOed repeatedly,,,,

if you only train boxing and dont know the ground game then if you come up against a experienced fighter you will get your ass shattered

that is no discredit to boxing, thats reality, the point is boxing and boxing training is making mma fighters everywhere FAR better overall without doubt, wasnt but a decade or a few ago when so many boxers got their asses whooped that a IMBALANCE of negative perceptions kept building towards boxing in general. The entire misperception was ridiculas in the first place, boxing had been built on over a century of NOT TRAINING to be takin off your FEET whereas street fighting etc was created from dudes that would go for a take down at first sense they were overmatched on STANDING and trading. The misperception was so complete that grapplers like Mark Coleman often destroyed their opponents via throwing punches on the ground. Punches that boxing would only make better. Punches that in his grappling background were not allowed, not trained for and thus never used.

Match the two best grapplers in the world together and during the fight more often than not if punching/striking is not allowed a time will come whereby IF one could use a STRIKE "they would" , at everyone of these times if one could use a strike and had trained to throw it, its going to be that much more effective.
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