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Default Re: HBO seriously needs to fire Max and JIM!

Originally Posted by KERRIGAN View Post
You ****s need to learn some FULL TRUTH.

HBO's boxing commentary teams are pretty much always better than Showtime's.

Al Bernstein is just **** and the most overrated commentator in the history of the sport. The only **** he is better than, is Howard Cosell.

Merchant was great, but is now too old.

Kellerman is improving and helps create a good atmosphere.

Lampley also use to be great, but is now clearly on the downslide.

Bob Papa is solid.
Originally Posted by duranimal View Post

I've hated this **** for years, most overated self promoting ****house of the modern era, he would just not shut his ****ing mouth for a second during a round. He ruined the commentary of so many top fights in the 80's it was criminal.

All he would screach was, HE'S RIGHTY! NOW HE'S LEFTY! NOW HE'S INSIDE! NOW HE'S OUTSIDE! I just wanted to kick his ****ing teeth out It's got to be a given that Bernstein & the Kellermans of this world had to have smoked the bosses **** to get where they are
Thank you. I honestly thought I was the only one who thought Bernstein was an idiot.

That said, for pure stupidity and cringeworthiness, no one can touch this muppet:

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