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Default Re: HBO seriously needs to fire Max and JIM!

Originally Posted by KERRIGAN View Post
You cunts need to learn some FULL TRUTH.

HBO's boxing commentary teams are pretty much always better than Showtime's.

Al Bernstein is just shit and the most overrated commentator in the history of the sport. The only cunt he is better than, is Howard Cosell.

Merchant was great, but is now too old.

Kellerman is improving and helps create a good atmosphere.

Lampley also use to be great, but is now clearly on the downslide.

Bob Papa is solid.
Originally Posted by duranimal View Post

I've hated this cunt for years, most overated self promoting shithouse of the modern era, he would just not shut his ****ing mouth for a second during a round. He ruined the commentary of so many top fights in the 80's it was criminal.

All he would screach was, HE'S RIGHTY! NOW HE'S LEFTY! NOW HE'S INSIDE! NOW HE'S OUTSIDE! I just wanted to kick his ****ing teeth out It's got to be a given that Bernstein & the Kellermans of this world had to have smoked the bosses **** to get where they are
Thank you. I honestly thought I was the only one who thought Bernstein was an idiot.

That said, for pure stupidity and cringeworthiness, no one can touch this muppet:

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