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Default Re: Jerry Quarry v.s Mike Tyson

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
Tyson KO1

Quarry was easy to hit. Tyson too quick out of the gate.

Sounds like you have been watching the wrong fights, the ones of an old Quarry. Sure Jerry lost some fights and he looked like **** in 2nd Frazier, Norton and Zanon fights, but he way past his prime. Look at Tyson, lost Danny Williams and Kevin (****ing) McBride.

If you take the best Mike Tyson vs the best Quarry (say vs Thad Spencer or Lyle or Shavers), you have a really good fight.

First off Quarry would not be frightened of Tyson, no way, no how.
One of Tyson's biggest advantages was the fat ass heavys of the 80 were scared to death of him.

Quarry could really move and counter punch. Plus could take a great shot. And he could punch.

Tyson really wasn't that good inside fighter, no where good as Frazier.

The best Tyson would probably beat the best Quarry, due to cuts. Quarry always seemed to get cut in the big fights.

Quarry was wildly unpredictable, but at his best, he gives Tyson hell.
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