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Default Re: HBO seriously needs to fire Max and JIM!

Originally Posted by Zakman View Post
Replace that unqualified clown Kellerman with Steve Farhood and I'm with you.

HBO needs to remedy its mistake in hiring that dweeb and get a real commentator like Bernstein, ASAP. The sooner Kellerman is giving his walking papers, the better off boxing will be.
He may not have paid his dues the old-fashioned way to get there, Zak (and he does often wear his fanboy agenda on his sleeve, and develop unseemly man-crushes on certain boxers...and he's got that weird bug-eyed thing going on) but you've gotta give him his due - the man knows his boxing. He's also far more capable of articulating himself intelligently than Merchant or Lampley at this point, and unlike Papa has more of a personality than an over-baked holiday fruitcake.
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