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Default Re: Why hating Froch?

Originally Posted by pasarica View Post
because of that geek face
because of his talking and arrogance
because of his porn stupid ***** wife
and most important because of his ugly style which has nothing to do with boxing.

The most annoying fighter of all time, what to like ?? Everyone says he's a warrior and fights anyone anywhere. Where is that warrior in the Ward fight, or Direll fight ?? OK he fought everyone and away from home, I respect that, but that's all folks. I can't wait the day he will get knocked the **** out !

I hope for a miracle and Bute to put that **** where he belongs, on the ground! Be honest people and tell, do you want to see that ******* kissing the canvas ?
Do you actually care about a boxer's face?
He talks and he has a ego.. But he is not really a loud mouth, he is being real most of the time, even though he lets his ego talk.
You jelly because he ****s a super model?
He is not pretty to watch, but he gets the job done, his style may not be boxing or fan friendly, but he still brings excitement, and he is certainly not boring to watch.
He is indeed a warrior who comes to fight everywhere and against everyone on the earth.
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