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Default Re: The Sparring Partners - 'Talk About Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston II'

Originally Posted by Senor Pepe' View Post

You little snot nose punk, showing pictures of your mother again, without
her permission.

You little misinformed masturbator.

A) Muhammad Ali wanted $1,000,000 from Bob Arum, to retire in 1979.
B) Bob Arum offered up $250,000 to 'get rid of Ali'.
C) Bob Arum upped his offer to $300,000
D) Muhammad Ali lowered his demand to $500,000
E) Bob Arum held firm on $300,000
F) In the end, Bob Arum finally gave Muhammad Ali $400,000 to go away
This is what you posted.

"Muhammad Ali sold his WBA Championship to Bob Arum in May 1979 for $400,000.

Why..........MONEY. "

I pointed out that Ali retired on the 6th of September 1978
And he therefore had no titles to sell to Arum or anyone else.

That's you blown out of the water, as if anyone actually cared

No one takes your hate posts seriously , everyone realises they are just figments of your warped imagination, and therefore give them zero credibility.

Just one thing ,dont mention my late mother again you cowardly ****
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