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Default Re: Hatton's Career v Froch's Career who wins?

I think you can argue that Hatton was already half a notch past his physical best by the time of the Tszyu fight. Definitely so afterwards imo. He over achieved in a way but I think if maybe he'd had a better trainer - no disrespect to Billy - from very early on and hadn't allowed himself to be held back by He Who Must Not Be Named, we might have seen something better from him. Swarmers have a short shelf life and Ricky ****ed about for too long fighting no marks and not improving in key areas.

His speed and dexterity of foot were both excellent, plus he had good hand speed, stamina, strength and a left to the body. In other words, some very good physical tools for a trainer to work with apart from the relative lack of reach, but he was badly underdeveloped in other areas for a fighter of his style - the telegraphed, sloppy punching with zero head/knee/upper body movement and the lack of refinement on the inside spring to mind. Add it to his lifestyle and the fact that he could be hurt, and there you have the glass ceiling.

Still, the win over Tszyu was a genuinely excellent one, if not quite in the uppermost tier of ATG British wins, and I've always found him more likeable than Froch even if he was slightly manipulative with it at times.

Froch is more of an over achiever than Hatton imo and deserves more respect in general for his overall career so far though. No way did I think in his early days that he could be matched this toughly and still go on to do what he has with essentially only a good chin, awkwardness, a heavyish but not top level punch and an iron will. The level of his opposition is typically blown out of proportion but still pretty bloody good all things considered and there's very little filler on his record from the time he started stepping up. He also still has the chance to maybe register another couple of solid wins that will elevate his standing a bit more.

Btw, what do people here rate as the better losing effort all things considered: Hatton against Mayweather or Froch against Ward?
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