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Default Re: Quigg is a level above Frampton

A boxer doesn't need to hit hard to be a world champion but it's very hard to get to that level whilst being completely feather fisted, like Galahad is. If he ever fought for a world title, there isn't a single operator up there who would respect his shots in any way. They'd simply walk through him. Quigg and Frampton aren't knockout artists but if you put them two in with world class opponents, they hit hard enough for the opponent to not be reckless. Galahad doesn't. Very, very few fighters become world champions with such a lack of power, and they rely on boxing ability which Galahad doesn't really have. I don't see him getting beyond European level, if that. His power is very lacking and he's not a good enough boxer to make up for it.

Going back to Quigg/Frampton, I'm really surprised people rate Frampton that highly. I just don't see it personally. The Molitor fight was a good win but he has mental issues and clearly didn't want to fight. I thought Frampton looked limited against Hirales too. To be honest, I've never been impressed with him and I'm not sure why he's rated so highly. He's alright but I don't sense any real potential there. I think Quigg is a better boxer and hits a lot harder. If they fought, I'd pick Quigg by a mid-late stoppage in a scare free fight.
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