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Default Re: Hatton's Career v Froch's Career who wins?

Nah, I think Bute is rated about right.

He looked brilliant smacking around B/C level fighters and faded guys like Johnson, but relied on his personal referee to escape without a TKO12 loss to a very limited Andrade - Froch destroyed him in style.

Ward avoiding Bute won't do him any favours long term, though on the contrary you could argue that the ease at which Froch hammered Bute renders that pretty much meaningless.

Froch does get a little overrated by many, people think he's undentable and a murderous puncher, when he's neither, and that he's a bit of a caveman, when in fact he's pretty skilled in all honesty. Just quite slow.

As well as fighting almost anyone, he's got a very good record in those fights.

He fought 8 world class guys in a row, and has fought Magee and Mack, both slightly below world class.... and he's 8-2 in those fights.

Hatton didn't fight ten world class opponents in his entire career, full stop.
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