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Default Re: Quigg is a level above Frampton

Originally Posted by JFT96 View Post
I really don't get why when there's 2 good prospects in this country, you have to support 1 and call the other a bum/no hoper. What's wrong with hoping both do well? It happens with Price/Fury, Degale/Groves and these two and it's all pretty childish really.

Personally, I've always believed Frampton to have the edge although I was impressed by all aspects of Quigg's performance on Saturday. His movement, punch selection and defence were all better than they've been for a while. The two are well matched and as always I think whoever imposed their style best would win the fight. At the minute, I think Frampton has slightly more strings to his bow but it wouldn't surprise me if Quigg were to win should they fight. I think they're both more advanced than Galahad.
Here here

Not every fight has a 'bad guy'.

I appreciate that we all have favourites, that is what being a fan is all about I suppose, but quite often fights involve two good boxers with individual merits.

To completely ignore one guys attributes just to big up the other is not necessary, I for one enjoy fights far more when I know both guys are really good and that it could go either way.
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