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Default Re: Seanie Monaghan vs. Rayco Saunders

I'm hoping this turns up on Youtube, as it really was a decent exhibition put on by two 2nd or 3rd tier guys (one on the way up, the other just holding on to fringe status) with styles that blended nicely.

Don't get me wrong picking Monaghan over Lee and giving Saunders a chance to send Manfredo packing into a third and final retirement, either (and that chance is very conditional; Manfredo will have to be out of shape from the extended layoff, taking Saunders lightly, and carrying doubts from coming off a TKO loss - and even then it's a slight chance) - neither of them is ever beating a top 20 light heavy even in the current relatively weak climate of the division, which is top-loaded with very few actual talents capable of transcending its boundaries and getting p4p consideration.

I'm not hyping up Monaghan or Saunders as potential noise-makers in the least; they've both got very clearly defined ceilings well short of world class - but in each man's respective case the targets in their sights might just be themselves under that ceiling. I don't think Mike Lee is going to paint the town red, and I believe Manfredo is probably all washed up. Saying they could lose to this pair isn't anything other than an indictment of their current grasp, with Lee probably never having been destined for big things and Manfredo having missed his opportunity for them over and over and likely not having enough left to s****e up another.
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