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Default Re: Quigg is a level above Frampton

Originally Posted by JFT96 View Post
I agree. Competitive, quality matchups are surely why we watch boxing? What amuses me most is when fans of Boxer A slag Boxer B off beforehand unjustly and then the same people proclaim beating Boxer B is a great win postfight, all in the name of making their man look better. It's double standards.
I just want good fights, usually I don't really care who wins as long its the one who deserves it most.

For me the sports best chance of surviving is for the best to meet the best.

In most other sports this is the way things work, the best ones compete against the best with no questions, there isn't even the chance to avoid each other.

We have to move away from this notion that it ruins careers.

As we know just about all the best have lost at some point and its about how people come back thats often more interesting.

The sport is on a little bit of a high a the moment but overall its still light years away from its peak.

IMO its crucial for the sports long term sucess that the best meet the best, and not when one of them already has another loss or when one is too old, when they are both young and undefeated
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