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Default Re: "Drowning" style?

Mayweather and hopkins are famous for using that tactic. They are not punching mutch in the first part of the fight, but focus very mutch on defense,and because they dont punch mutch their opponent will punch mutch, so they try to tire them as mutch as possible, and then start tagging them when they are tired,witch will make them fade more and more..if u studie them,ull get it. They make their opponents use their legs mutch, and make them move more than they want, just to burn their energy up. And just by ounching for 12 round, you gonna get very tired, so when u at the same thime have to move alot, u gonna fade.. And remember, to box and move like u want to is okey, but as soon as you start too move just because the opponent makes u doo it, takes a whole lot out of u. if youre a boxer, you will deffinently get it.Its a good strategi, but then again,like all strategis, it has to fit the opponent..
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