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Default Re: Can I start boxing at the age of 33?

I'm a newly registered member on here, but I've been reading through this site for a while on tips, nutrition, etc...and I love the amount of knowledge and advice available here.

I'm 32 in the Wash DC area and have thought a ton about fighting at this age. I joined a local gym here and have been progressively getting into better shape and learning more and more about the sport (with a trainer), and I'm really just enjoying it. Do I wish I had gotten into this A LOT earlier, hell yeah. But, time passes and other things have obviously taken precedence over a desire to fight in pro-circuits. All that unnecessary information lead me to say...

IMO 33 isn't too old to get into boxing, but I would have to agree that 33 seems like quite a late age to look at going pro. Amatuer's, maybe...I'm don't have an in-depth knowledge of the amatuer circuit. I'm personally just shooting for getting back into great shape and working on becoming a better all around boxer so I can still hold my own with the young ones that have that desire in our gym to be amatuers and maybe head on to the pros.

Plus I like the idea and humor of now being the "old man" that gives them a run for their money when they step in the ring

but, if pros are your goal and that's what you're hellbent on becoming...good luck and I wish you the best.
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