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Default Re: Greatest Achievement By a Heavyweight

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
George Foreman's comeback is miles better than Vitali's imo.
The man was walking around at 300+ pounds for almost 10 years, came back at 38 years old starting with tomato can opponents in carnival tents, training in his basement. It started out as an odd backwater curiosity story, no one predicted it would lead anywhere at all.
You can even ignore the Moorer win, or anything past 1991 - going 12 rounds with champion Holyfield was enough to make it an unbelievable story. Like a Rocky film.

Vitali had a great comeback, but he spent those four years in shape and getting his shoulder rested and surgically fixed. He had a team around him priming him for a comeback. He had the WBC beckoning him back.
yeah vitali is more successful with his comeback that's why I rate it higher.
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