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Default Re: Is George Foreman the a masive underaceiver?

Originally Posted by freelaw View Post
His career is beautiful as it is. Just perfect IMO, they should make a movie about it. It would be a lot more intersting than the one about Ali.

If he didn't lose to Ali or to Young, he wouldn't transform into a freaking pastor (after being a symbol of a bad ass) and come back 10 years after retiring as a completely different person to eventually regain the title exactly 20 years after he lost. in those same trunks he wore that day, by the way of outsmarting (being outsmarted 20 years before) and KTFO a young champion that could have been his son. Are you kidding me???

Also, I think he would beat Ali in the rematch but it doesn't matter... You couldn't write a better scenario than life did about his career.
Jokes aside you've completely changed my view of his career. Thanks man.
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