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Default Re: alex leapai. the southern hemespheres first heavyweight world champ.

Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
should be more optimism in the forum.

he has a punchers chance vs any heavy who doesn't possess superb boxing skills.

there r not too many who do fwiw. johnson was the worst possible choice for alex. everbody except alex's team could see that.

he goes into the ring to knock his opponents block off. prefer to watch him than a boring 12 rounds of jabbing and hugging tbh.
More like "Should be more realism in the forum".

Leapai looks like a nice guy with some decent power an all but I can't see him going further than 3 rounds still.

Originally Posted by swingin View Post
alex has mugged every world class fighter he has fought. he had no problems getting close to any of them. his last fight was 2 seconds from a win, so effectively did he get close to ol mate.

alex throws unusual punches. from under and over. he also hooks. he doesnt throw a lot of straight punches which puts most boxers rythum off. if youve boxed, you understand that you react to what is thrown or how your opponent is moving. you both understand what is coming and you dont even think of how to react or defend.

when you get a guy like alex, throwing bombs from under and over the top bowlo punches, its unusual, and confuses fighters enough to cover up and let alex get close. alex will get close to the klits where most fighters wouldnt. its his point of difference that makes him so dangerous and special. he also has the power to back his unusual assult style.

the klits will have seen nothing like him before. they would have seen hookers, and big right hands, and the occaisional uppercut. but they have never seen anything like the unusual combinations alex throws. if they duck it could be into an uppercut bomb. if they retreat it could be into an overhead bowlo punch.

alex only needs to land one to unleash a barrage of dangerous bombs. as ive said, his unusual style guarantees he will get in close. who yet has kept him at bay? they have all eaten his leather because of his unusual, effective style and power.

john ruiz was never looking like becoming a world champ. he kept getting beat when he stepped up. he had his knockers. but what happened. he learned by his losses and eventually won the title. alex is like john ruiz. he's learning and improving with each fight. he is stepping up in class at each outing. he takes his losses with his wins. but keeps stepping up.

he has confused all his opponents. the klits will be no different. alex will get to them. they cant run forever. remember, if you want to hit your opponent, you have to be close enough to do so. so the klits will have to stop and trade at some point. thats when the fun begins.

one bomb. one exchange. he's a punchers chance every day of the week. to say the klits could go through a fight with alex without getting hit at least once is bull****. every fighter gets hit. its just that when alex hits you, its from unusual angles, and there is going to be more than one punch coming from an unusual angle.

the two most underused and explosive punches that can be thrown are uppercuts and bowlos, as there is little muscle holding the head down, as gravity provides that. so when a big shot comes from underneath, its devestating.

the overhead 'bowlo' punch is a skull punch. it puts massive preasure on the joint of the skull, and on the spine. it sloshes the brain like a washing maching. alex throws both punches constantly. no fighter ive ever seen does that. he also does it with massive power. its been quoted he "is the biggest puncher in boxing since tyson'.

a few more fights. a bit more fitness, then put him in with vlad. while it lasts it will be awesome. either way, you KNOW the fans are going to get their moneys worth...
Oh dear... this is just sad.
I'd also like to know who was quoted aside from yourself as saying "Alex has the biggest punch in boxing since Tyson"?

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