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Default Re: Greatest Achievement By a Heavyweight

Originally Posted by locard View Post
GTFO, Foreman returned and spent years fighting vile bums before a lucky punch to jelly jawed Moorer (who was kicking his ass before that punch) made him ¨champ¨ again, he was never a relevant force in the 90's, in the biggest fights he was just awesome as a punching bag. He didn't return after a 4 year layoff to utterly DESTROY a WBC champ without breaking a sweat in his first match, and become the most feared man in the division even to this day

Vitali's comeback is the best in history

but ofc, Foreman's comeback is more impressive for nostalgists, K2 haters and soap opera lovers
No, you're wrong. You're missing the point. No one's come close to doing what Foreman did. Bowe tried something similar, and slipped up on his 2nd fight after a SD "win" against Billy Zumrun.

Vitali was in training when he retired in late 2005, pulling out of the Rahman fight again. Three years later he was fit enough to beat Sam Peter at age 37. And he beat a few other contenders after that. And, yes, he's more formidable than the old Foreman. yeah, that's great. But he wasn't coming back from what Foreman came back from.

Foreman was completely out of the game for 10 years, after an awful bad performance, walking around 80 pounds overweight being a preacher. He had no business even coming back to be a sparring partner or a 'punching bag', nevermind going the distance or knocking out Holyfield or Moorer.
Fighters don't come back from ten year lay-offs, not even slightly.

Ali's comeback was better than Vitali's anyway.
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