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Default Re: alex leapai. the southern hemespheres first heavyweight world champ.

Originally Posted by ipswich express View Post
Ok so where do we draw the line? Do we include IBO? WBF? IBC? IBA? WBB? Corrie Sanders IMO will go down as a solid contender but won't be recognised by most as a former Heavyweight champion. Gerrie Coetzee wasn't a linear champion, but he was a world champ. I don't recognise Sanders as that. Just my 2c.

If the question was how many world champions has Great Britain had, I'd laugh if anyone suggested Herbie Hide, put it that way.
Nobody hates more than I do that there are so many orgs and each has so many belts within each weight division. The fact it comes down to individual opinion as to who are world champions and who aren't shows just how ****ed the sport is.

Funny you mention Herbie Hide. Your mate Totalpac was trying to talk up Damon Reed as world title challenger when he was a prospective de Mori opponent, by raising the Hide fight. The same one Reed didn't last a round in
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