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Default Re: alex leapai. the southern hemespheres first heavyweight world champ.

Originally Posted by ipswich express View Post
He appears to be your mate more than mine, judging by your extensive conversations together.

It's fairly easy for knowledgable fans to work out who's the champion in each division, whether it be by lineage or another process. HBO and Showtime wouldnt even call the likes of Sanders as a world champion these days. They'd refer to him as a belt holder. They referred to Berto and Guerrero as "basically an eliminator" rather than an interim WBC title fight.
Totalpac speaks glowingly of you, and far less of me. Clearly your mate. Not mine

Nobody supports the 'we need less champions - preferably only one', argument more than I do.

But recognizing only one titleholder in each division is not as clear cut as you make it out to be.

Just one recent example >>>
Did you consider Manny Pacquiao's recent fights against Mosley, JMM and Bradley being for world titles? Most of the rest of the world did, and it was only a WBO title at stake.
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