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Default Re: Good article that pretty much sums up Danny Green...Not our best...But he has "HE

Originally Posted by TCboxa View Post
Come for that coffee when you grow some ***** you compulsive liar.
So tell us again why you needed an AVO against someone you are so obviously not afraid of?

Isn't it against the law to use AVO's for purposes other than when you are in complete fear of someone?

****en weirdo..."He's a GANGSTER he's going to shoot me!!! Help me!!!"

You always have been and always will be a hysterical little girl...that is completely full of ****. We all know that much, and nothing you say or do will change that.

Go hack a website you don't like the owner of...see if that makes you feel better/lifts your "mood"...little girl.

Why are you talking to me about any form of drugs? YOU are the guy who admitted being stoned in the ring to me.

Your a ****en mess. Take some time off and come back when you feel better or your "mood" has stabilised.
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