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Default Re: Old school training routines seem to be the simplest and most effective!

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
It's really sad, cos you dont seem to understand, instead of coming up with the properties of tendons, educate somebody as to how someone can do this or that and avoid hurting themselves. A doctor doesnt go into his medical dictionary to explain that a person has a problem, they do so in laymans language. Now that I know I am dealing with a know nothing amateur who resorts to name calling. Do yourself a favor, come to Mexico or Texas and see us dumbasses train and work without the huge benefit of your high and mighty intellect, knowledge of the human body and of course tendons and all those wonderful modern advances. Our fighters are doing alright, I know you could improve upon cos you know all about the human body and tendons. Dang imagine with you geniuses we could create superman.
I am assuming that you are British, let me put it like this, our little guys 108pds to 140pds can hang with any of your guys, forget about the amateurs bucko's we b talkin' pro's. All kidding aside I know you guys can be beneficial, in some cases and know more about the human body, but we got something you may not have and that is experience in the real world. You guys seem to forget that boxing has been around for hundreds of yrs and they have been working with the human body and fine tuning it over those many years, they have always gotten their fighters ready without the benefit of knowing what this all means: optimal oscillation, hysteresis of tendons, stiffness/compliance of the SEC, muscle pennation, relative muscle insertion, relative lever length, fibre composition, fibre length, neural inhibitory mechanisms, neural learning for optimal damping of vibrations. I KNOW IMAGINE IF THEY DID? You guys are the new kids on the block who know it all and have all the answers and make alot of noise. Your arrogance knows no bounds, please come over to Texas and Mexico and show us dumbasses how it should be. What your ego's wont let you accept is that an old school guy is the head coach and you and all s&c guys play a secondry role and only that, cos if you have a good coach and asst they know what has to be done to prepare a guy for whatever amount of rds he has do.
So you guys with all your knowledge of the human body, and understanding of all the advance technology, will always be just glorified conditioners.
Wow. I'm arrogant? Talk about projecting. It sounds like a strength coach face****ed your mother at some point, I'm sorry to hear that. Seriously, I don't understand your rage and defiance to learning something new, it's a bit sad really. If you calmed your emotions down you might be able to comprehend what you're reading, nobody is claiming a strength coach should take a boxing coaches place. Making generalisations just makes you look like the re**** you are.
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