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Default Re: Good article that pretty much sums up Danny Green...Not our best...But he has "HE

Originally Posted by zelky View Post
Jeez did I get under your skin today or what? Poor *******. You hate getting caught out and do anything to deflect attention away from yourself.
I fixed your spelling.
You spoke to members of Cameron's team!

The focus of today is
You have lost the plot big time. Not getting under my skin at all, you lost that touch long ago when you failed to back up your word. Your a sad **** zelky, cant fight your way out of a wet paper bag, got bashed by Harris and all in all your just a groupie who hangs off the nutsacks of the scum in sydney, your one of the fckwits who defend the actions of people like Elomar, which speaks volumes.

Fabricate all you want, its nothing new from you mr drive by shooting , you didnt fix no spelling mistake at all, you added a letter to make yourself look smart, then tried to tell everyone it was the orignal quote and that i edited out my mistake, so which is it, you fixed the mistake or i edited it out? cant even keep up with your own lies.. really pathedic, about as good as your boxing skills you weak ****.
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