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Default Re: alex leapai. the southern hemespheres first heavyweight world champ.

Originally Posted by ipswich express View Post
Absolutely. If I was pressed I'd go with Wladimir. He has the lineage since Vitali retired. If someone wanted to argue black and blue that Vitali is the champ, it wouldn't bother me greatly. Riddle me this, did you consider Francesco Damiani a world champion? Assuming you followed boxing back then. If you did, you'd be in a club of 5 I reckon.
It would be wrong to suggest either of the Klitschkos isn't a world champion. Admittedly they are the most extreme case to split. But sadly there is no clear line in the sand that determines who is a world champion and who isn't in this day and age.

Damiani? Well titles have to begin somewhere. But I'm not 1 of the 5
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