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Originally Posted by buster007 View Post
u r going too far.

u need to tone it back, cause u r just giving most people a reason to hate.

alex is a decent guy with a huge ticker, don't turn all of us against him.

my 2 cents worth anyway.
mate, it wouldnt matter what i said. gelodic75, tc and the rest of the jealous never weres are always ****ing alexs way.

**** them. its his time now. they can hate aa long as they like. they were ****ing on his prospects from years ago. why should i change my possitive attitude just because a mob of imbeciles bad mouth every fight he has fought?

who except me has kept the faith? who else has championed his cause? why the **** would i shut up now? get ****ed.

were been through welleaters pomp and cellulite, demoron and his inactive roid binges, etc. alex is on his way. jump on the aussie/samoan bandwagon or **** off. this forum is 100 people. the ones that matter are the ones at home that will love the idea of a multicultural aussie, bringing home something weve never had. the chinese will love a somoan that has an asian look....

by supporting alex, you are with the man that works full time as a forklift driver and trains as hard as he can after work. he isnt a wealthy full time fighter like many elite fighters. he fights for 'milk money'. you can support the family man that doesnt do drugs or alcohol. you can support a man that turned his life around. you can support a man that hasnt got a big mouth. or you can choose to be a hater, for no reason at all. some will. psycologists call people that hate others that have more courage in life than themselves, losers.

are you becoming one buster?
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