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Default Re: Slipping inside the jab....are these 2 counter punches good or not

Originally Posted by highguard View Post
that makes total sense
and i think i only ever got hit
once with a right once
when slipping inside

i was talking more about left hook to the body
off an inside slip

because it seems to be move with the most "steps"
off an inside slip
As you slip, you can step straight in, to throw an uppercut to the chin or the body, or even a real tight hook to either target. To open up that angle, take the step forward and left- to the northwest? In either case remember to bring your right foot along.
That video above will get you messed up if you slip to the inside that way, by leaning to your left. You'll be much better off if you slip inside by rolling your right shoulder forward. It is then the same move whether you are throwing a right as you slip, or coming back with the left, and, in either case your balance and ability to throw a second punch will be enhanced.
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